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A truly novel system that  adapts

to meet your needs. Ultra efficient

use of space and resources. Setup

and warm up times so short it makes a single print run a reality. Longer print runs can  easily be tailored to the specific job.

  97% reduction in water use

  95% reduction in air toxicity

  80% reduction in bench use

  60% reduction in chemistry use

  80% reduction in warming up time

  95% reduction in set up/takedown time

    Compared to trays

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Darkroom System

The Optima System consists of a base unit which sets the maximum print size. Peripheries are then added in seconds. Each divider adds a wash slot. The pods are a deep slot chemical or toner bath. Other peripheries provide rapid warm up time, temperature control, film processing capability or a unique density specific wash system. You make the perfect tank to fit your space, skills, budget and needs. Whether amateur or professional in the course of a decade or even just between print runs your circumstances will change. Naturally, so will your equipment.

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40 Years designing and producing world class processors and washers but you've likely never heard of us.

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