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The Optima System


One unit can develop or tone film and paper with up to 7 processes at room temperature or temperature controlled. The same unit can wash film and prints in static or flowing water.


Deep slot tanks reduce chemical-air surface area by over 95%, significantly reducing airborne toxicity. Because the unit stores chemical ready for use, there is less handling of liquids


Using the water kit you can thermally prime the tank with with hot water from your tap. Warm up time is minutes and due to chemicals being stored inside the pods setup time is seconds. 

Resource Efficient>

95% reduction in liquid surface area and oxidisation means less chemical changes. A density specific and ultra efficient wash system (as low as 1litre/minute) reduces water consumption.


Typically a deep slot tank takes up 1/10 of the space of a tray. The Optima can be set into your bench and covered with a board when not in use, so it takes no bench space


Prints are held perfectly flat and cannot get ripped, kinked, or scratched, and doesn't touch tongues or human hands at any point.. Prints can even be dried on the holder.


There are no moving parts. Eheim heaters and hozelock connectors are readily available worldwide. Spare modular components can be kept for critical applications offering zero down time. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee and product warranty.

 Building your perfect darkroom

Choose  a

    base unit


This determines the maximum size of print you will work with and the number of peripheries you can add. ................................


OptimaX Base Unit >

12" x 16" or 16" x 20" Chemical Pod size

Capacity for:

    5 Chemical pods (unheated)

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

Produced in the UK



Optima12 Base Unit >

12" x 16" Chemical Pod size

   Capacity for:

       3 Chemical pods (unheated)

       5 Chemical pods (Heated)

       12 internal wash slots

       3 film chemical processes

       1 patterson pot

       1 Eheim H250w heater


Optima16 Base Unit >

16" x 20" Chemical Pod size

   Capacity for:

       3 Chemical pods (unheated)

       5 Chemical pods (Heated)

       12 internal wash slots

       4 film chemical processes

       1 patterson pot

       1 Eheim H300w heater

Optima20 Base Unit >

20" x 24" Chemical Pod size

Capacity for:

       3 Chemical pods (unheated)

       5 Chemical pods (Heated)

       12 internal wash slots

       5 film chemical processes

       2 patterson pots

       2 Eheim H350w heaters

Each periphery unlocks a unique function or capacity. All peripheries can be added or removed from the Optima base units in seconds peripheries

Add any



optima HD.jpg

Wash dividers>

- Each dividers adds a wash slot to the Optima Base unit.
- Up to 11 dividers can be used to make 12 wash slots

Not compatible with OptimaX

Chemical  Pods>

- Each pod stores liquid to create a processing slot, a toner bath or a wash slot.

- Pods can be placed on the front of the Optima for room temperature processes or inside the water tank for a temperature regulated process.

-Comes with a colour coded lid to keep chemistry fresh

-95% reduction in Oxidiation and air toxicity compared to trays

Compatible with all Optima units

Water Kit>

-Inlet pipes and tap fixings

-Allows cold water to be piped into and out of the tank enabling density specific transportation of water when used with wash slots

- Allows hot water to be piped into the tank enabling thermal priming of the tank to reduce warm up time to minutes

Not compatible with the OptimaX


Film Processor bottles and pot >

-Colour coded pods each store a film processing chemical and allow it to be immersed into the water bath of the Optima12, 16 or 20 for temperature regulation.
-Pot shelf allows a Patterson pot to be immersed into the same water bath for daylight film processing

Not compatible with the OptimaX


Print Holders >

- Pinseal textured plate that holds your print flat and protects it from start to finish

- Printholders can be used in any optima of the same size or larger

- Ideal for fibre based paper

Compatible with all Optima units


Heaters >

- 350w Eheim Heater

- Maintains a stable temperature

Compatible with all Optima units

OptimaX must be fully immersed in a sink or water bath (not supplied) when using a heater

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