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Who are we?

Optima is a trade name of Novacrylics Engineering. We are the hidden research and development team behind over 100 designs of print processor, print washer, camera and film processor. For 40 years we have been a major production centre in the european and world photography industry. Though we have never sold direct to the public our expertise have produced branded product lines for Illford, Fotospeed, RK Photographic, Nova Darkroom, Silverprint, CCS, The Imaging Warehouse, CEWE colour and others.


What do we do?

Novacrylics Engineering is a family company based in Warwickshire UK that design, patent, make, use and guarantee everything we sell. For your quality of life and ours we only develop products in the areas in which we have significant personal and professional interest and expertise.

We are now launching our own product lines, Optima is one of them and through doing so we are building a customer base with end users in the photographic community. We are selling direct, without compromise or markups.

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